This Guide Will Help You Understand:

1) What Are The Weekly Challenges


2) How To Enter Your Progress

*BobThePug and BobinetteThePug’ette graciously accepted to model the examples for you (in exchange for a few dog treats…)


If you ain’t snoozing, you ain’t winning

Enter your average sleeping score so far.

Your fitness tracker automatically calculates your average sleep.

*When you ENTER YOUR PROGRESS, add a 0 before. (ex: 07h39).

*Your sleep will be displayed as MINUTES on your dashboard (it’s normal, the system converts it automatically.)


Step up your game

Enter your total steps so far.


Don’t be a couch potato

Enter your total active minutes so far.

Active minutes are calculated when you do a moderate activity for 10 minutes or more.

The more calories you burn = the higher your total active minutes.


Burn it like it’s hot

Enter your total calories so far.

A few differences in male and female biology results in more calories (easily) burned from men. Yup ladies…when it comes to calories, men just have biology on. their side!

To make it a fair challenge, we calculate the women’s calories like this:

Total calories(woman) X 1.5 = Total calories

Don’t worry, we won’t give you homework. Just submit your calories, and we’ll do the math for you!

MEN: Calories will be shown as it is.

WOMEN: Calories will be shown as the total after our calculation ( X 1.5)


Make this long distance relationship work

Enter your total distance so far in KM.

Your fitness tracker calculates distance automatically using stride length or GPS.


Move it like you mean it

Enter your total exercise minutes so far.

With your fitness tracker, it automatically recognizes exercises such as walking, running, etc

When starting a workout, we recommend that you set up your fitness tracker manually to make sure it’s tracking properly. Every minute counts!


Well, that escalated quickly!

Enter your total floors so far.

Your fitness tracker calculate 1 floor when climbing 10 feet or 3 meters. It uses changes in barometric pressure combined with the steps you take to calculate floors climbed.

(It can vary slightly depending on the fitness tracker you’re using)

Key points

  • Use a fitness tracker to keep track of your stats
  • If you don’t own a fitness tracker, you can use your phone, but it won’t be as accurate, and might not track every fitness stats.
  • Enter your progress daily to update your score.
  • Be creative and keep moving!

Don’t forget to have fun! 🙂