4 ingredients, 5 mins Healthy Sorbet – Raspberry & Mango


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This recipe is fresh, zesty, fruity, yummy, quick and ridiculously easy to make(even a 5 years old could make it!), refined-sugar free, gluten free and vegan. (it’s also diabetes T1 friendly!) It takes 4 ingredients and ready in under 5 mins.

Sorbets are the best dessert for summer.


It's deliciously refreshing, incredibly healthy, and a fun way to eat more fruits.

The only problem with this recipe is that, you might get a brain freeze from eating it too fast… because it's just so. damn. good.

This recipe is fresh, zesty, fruity, yummy, quick and ridiculously easy to make(even a 5 years old could make it!), refined-sugar free, gluten free and vegan. (it's also diabetes T1 friendly!)

It takes 4 ingredients and ready in under 5 mins.


My nutritional philosophy is that everything can be healthy, if made from home. You don't control the ingredients of a store-bought product, but you can make the healthiest choice by making it yourself. Store-bought sorbets contain an awful lot of unnecessary added sugar.

Especially when using super sweet fruits (like raspberries and mangoes), why would you add (harmful) sugar? It's simply not needed!

But…if you want to add maple, I won't throw tomatoes at you! #yolo


This recipe calls for blended lemon peel, but feel free to use lemon juice instead.

I started to substitute lemon juice for BLP since I read its benefits in Dr.Greger's cookbook ''How Not To Die'' in 2019.

''When you use just the juice, you lose out on the fiber and all the nutrition that was attached to it''


To Make BLP: First, wash the lemon! (I like to use the baking soda method: Soak Lemon for 12-15mins in water with baking soda, rinse).

Then, peel lemon, cut in chunks, and blend it in a blender. That's it!

You can freeze it in a small silicone ice cube tray(1tsp portions) and grab a cube whenever you need it (it's awesome when you're out of lemon, and this works for lime too)


We like to buy our frozen fruits from Costco. You can buy frozen fruits at any grocery store, or you can freeze fresh fruits.

FRUITS NEED TO BE FROZEN in order to make this dessert. If not, you will end up with a juice rather than a sorbet! 🙂


This recipe is HEAVENLY without any sugar added!I'm not a big fan of added sweeteners, I prefer the sorbet to be ‘’zesty’’(and I have to be careful with sugar; Moises has T1 Diabetes).

I made this recipe for my mother’s birthday and I added maple (my family have a sweet tooth) and it was a hit!

Now I do two versions: With & without maple. (Moises can eat sweet when his Glucose is low, and eat the other one when his glucose is ok, I tend to go for the ''unsweetened'' version)

Enjoy this guilt-free, healthy dessert on a warm sunny day, listen to this ocean sound, close your eyes, take a bite of your sorbet, and savour it….feels like heaven, doesn't it?*You're welcome!* :')


Healthy Raspberry and Mango Sorbet


1/4cup hot water

2 cups frozen mangoes

2 cups frozen raspberries

1 tsp blended lemon peel or 2tsp lemon juice 

 *(For more acidity, add 1tsp at a time. Add gradually, you don’t need too much)


1-3tbsp maple syrup (adjust less or more to taste. Try the sorbet without maple before you add any! You’ll be surprised how good it is without it! )

Topping (Optional)

1 tbsp chia seed

1 tbsp flaxseed

You can also add fresh mint leaves, dark chocolate chips, pecans, walnuts or any other toppings of your choice!


1.Bring water to a boil. Add water to the blender.

2.Add all the ingredients(except the toppings!). Add maple if using.

3.Blend! If it’s not blending well, add more (hot) water. (see notes)

4.Serve in a bowl. Add your toppings, and enjoy! (See notes)


*Don’t add too much water, it will water down the sorbet and you will end up with a “juice” rather than the thick consistency we’re after.

*If it’s too “soft”, you can transfer it in the freezer, and savour it later. Just remember to leave it at room temperature for 15-30mins before serving (depending on how cool is your freezer and how warm is your home)

*This recipe also works if you only have raspberries or mangoes, just add more of raspberries if you don't have mangoes, and vice versa.

This will keep in the freezer for 1-2 weeks. It probably lasts more than than, but things don't last very long in our home! #guiltypleasure 🙂

*For protein, add 2 tbsp of (vegan) protein powder (vanilla, or unflavoured is the best.)

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