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Hey, I’m Delphine!





I’ve always been “fit” but in my early adulthood, I gained over 30 lbs. Part of it was because of a medication I was taking at the time (BC), but I also had my fair share of responsibility. I tried to lose weight by working out excessively (6 days a week) and I tried a bunch of different diets..keto, low-carbs, fasting, IF, vegan, carnivore, OMAD, etc(everybody makes mistakes!).

Even though I was eating the same thing as my partner, and working out as much as him (actually, even more!), I couldn’t seem to lose the weight and was actually putting on more weight week after week! I didn’t understand why my partner was getting fitter and fitter, and I was getting heavier and heavier.

Being overweight certainly took a toll on my relationship. My sex life was non-existent because I hated how I looked.

In the quest for answers and solutions, I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer to truly understand how the human body works. And good news… I was finally able to lose the weight and get my dream body.

Fascinated by the human body, and specifically the female body, I decided to continue my studies with NASM and specialize in Women’s Health & Fitness (taking into considerations the female hormones throughout all stages and events of life) as well as Weight Loss (to understand the psychology and different methods) to help my clients overcome obesity without taboo or shame.

My goal is to help other women feel confident and sexy (at any size) from the inside-out so they can finally enjoy intimate moments with their partner, without feeling self-conscious about how they look.

I believe that sexy and confidence isn’t conditional on how much you weight or how your body looks like, but it’s a feeling that needs to be nurtured through conscious thoughts and actions.

And obviously, if you’ve been letting yourself go, you stopped taking care of yourself, you don’t take pride in your appearance anymore, it’s hard to feel sexy and confident. Especially when you know you’re not at your “full potential”.

With the right habits, rituals, mindset shifting, and tools, you can start feeling confident at any size. Not only when you get your dream body, but during the journey too.

Everybody deserves to have great sex, but sometimes our insecurities get in the way. So we are here to make sure you feel sexy and confident in your body so that you can enjoy quality time with your partner and focus on what matters most : pleasure, connection, and passion.

My goal is to help you go from INSECURE to FEMME FATALE so that intimacy becomes about connection, pleasure and playfulness, and NO MORE about darkness, covers and good-angles.

Hola, I’m Moises!



I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico so I come from a conservative latino family with our core values being family and hard work. I am the youngest of my family so I’ve always been the “liberal” that challenged the status quo from my parents.

I was also the less fit of my family, my siblings were part of the national Gymnastic’s team and were always very active, I on the other hand, preferred to play video games, eat junk food and hang out with my friends. I frequently visited the doctor and the hospital because my stomach would hurt or I would catch an infection from the food trucks.

By the time I was a teenager, I was overweight and became very conscious of my physical appearance. I got into my first diet and I lost over 30 pounds, however I also learned that a diet was not sustainable but I didn’t know any better. I started to workout, I started to get into weight lifting with dreams of some day having a physique that I wouldn’t be ashamed from taking my shirt off when going to la playa.

At 22 years old, I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was the event that made realize that taking care of your body goes beyond physical appearance and made me want to inspire other people. However, being healthy and fit, it’s a lifestyle and it was not easy to make it work as a couple.

When I met Delphine, I immediately fell in love with who she was and we shared the same core values. I knew she was into a healthy lifestyle, but when we met it was difficult to make it work into our relationship because of our very different fitness levels and routines.

I also felt like our relationship led me to being less healthy than I’d like but I didn’t know how to encourage or motivate her without sounding condescending or nagging.

All I knew was that I wanted us to become the best version of ourselves inside & out and I wanted my life partner to become my fitness partner because our goal is to live a long and happy life in vitality.

That’s how The Couple Challenge came to life 4 years ago.

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