One-Bowl Double Chocolate Chips Vegan Muffins 

August 12, 202010:30 am 

Enjoy this One-Bowl Double Chocolate Muffin recipe, Healthy, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Diabetic T1 Friendly, Chewy, Chocolatey, and incredibly easy to make. It tastes like a cheat, except it’s not! 🙂

4 ingredients, 5 mins Healthy Sorbet – Raspberry & Mango 

July 15, 20207:30 am 

This recipe is fresh, zesty, fruity, yummy, quick and ridiculously easy to make(even a 5 years old could make it!), refined-sugar free, gluten free and vegan. (it’s also diabetes T1 friendly!) It takes 4 ingredients and ready in under 5 mins.

How-to Almond Milk 

June 10, 20206:50 am 

Almond milk is one of the most popular alternatives when it comes to plant-based milk, but store-bought milks aren’t necessary the healthiest option. Luckily for you, making your own almond milk is simple, quick and requires no funny ingredients. It’s also cheaper, and healthier because you can control what’s in it.