Couples that train together, stay together.

About The Couple Challenge

The beginning of our relationship was filled with unhealthy habits…

We were partying and drinking two-three times a week, eating junk food after hitting the clubs, we were always tired, our date nights revolved around getting drunk, eating unhealthy food either in front of the tv or after a night of hard partying.

We were always into fitness even before we met each other but somehow this was a period in our lives where we weren't as committed to it because we were focusing on the wrong things (party, drinking, etc… when you're always tired and hangover you don't necessarily feel like going to the gym..)

We felt disconnected to each other.

 We were unhappy, unhealthy and it had a direct impact on our relationship.

We decided that it was time to get our SHIT TOGETHER and we pursued a healthy lifestyle as a couple. 

This is how The Couple Challenge came to life 3 years ago.

It was a way for us to stay health-minded, fitness motivated and to strengthen our bond with our weekly Together Time (Together Time Concept: the partner with the highest weekly workout compliance "wins" and the "loser" receives a few suggestions of Together Time to surprise the winner..it worked great cause we are super competitive and we got to try new activities every week.)

And by going on this journey together, we inspired and helped other couples around the world to get their shit together by living a healthy lifestyle and commit to weekly quality time.Now we barely drink alcohol, we wake up early to workout together instead of partying late at night, we enjoy discovering new healthy recipes, we love cooking together while listening to some music, we try a new fun activity together every week, we wake up early to workout together, we challenge each other to a new healthy habits every week (we are very competitive!), we go for walks together when we are stressed instead of turning to alcohol, and we bring out the best out of each other

.We breathe, live and preach The Couple Challenge because getting our shit together through health & fitness saved our relationship and brought us closer together. 

Our passion (and life mission) is to inspire and help other couples around the world to get their shit together, lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Couple Challenge isn't a brand…

It's a MOVEMENT for fun, active & loving couples!!