Your Trainers

Delphine De Bané, CPT

I’m a certified personal trainer, and I am currently undertaking a Women’s Health and Fitness Specialization as well as a Weight Loss Specialization from NASM. My goal is to help you build a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you love and are excited about. It shouldn’t be boring, restrictive or dreading!

I believe that health is an investment that should be made everyday.

I also believe that health is more than a workout. It’s a combination of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As much as my training style is intense and will push you to beat your best, I put a big emphasis on rest days and adequate sleep!

Moises Ruiz, CPT

I’ve always had a passion for fitness but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in my early 20’s that I realized how much I took my health for granted. Getting my diagnosis forced me to be more disciplined regarding my nutrition and lifestyle as the major complications from T1D come on the long term. Now, I’m proud to say that I’m the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

My goal is to guide you and help you make better choices, I will empathize with whatever your situation is and I will help you become the best version of yourself, on your terms…

What does health mean to you?

Couples that train together, stay together.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire and motivate couples to become healthier and happier.

Improve your health & fitness with the workouts and reignite your love with the weekly Together Times.

The story behind the challenge

We found that there was no training program directed to couples, so we decided to design our own.

We created The Couple Challenge for us as a way to stay fitness motivated and committed to weekly together time.

Our friends asked us to try our program and they had a blast.

So we decided to make it available to all couples who share our love of fitness and health in general.

To all you fitness minded couples, welcome aboard!